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A Dynamic Team of Radiology Equipment Training Executives


A Highly Qualified Team of Executives

SFG IMAGING has instrumentally put together a highly qualified team of executives with over 50 years of combined experience to cater to all of your radiology equipment training needs.

With offices in Florida and California, our staff has the ability to serve your facility all across the nation. And we take great pride in doing that in the most professional manner possible.

Equipment in radiation therapy at the hospital

Scott Graham, President and Founder

Scott has been a registered technologist in radiology and CT scan for over 25 years. He has worked at major trauma centers as well as specialized pediatric facilities. He specializes in applications for pediatrics, trauma, coronary CTA, radiation therapy, veterinary, and 3D post processing.

After years of working in many different work environments, Scott started doing applications almost 17 years ago. After working for GE performing applications across the nation, he recognized the need for assistance and training in the areas of CT / MRI and CT simulation.

Scott also understood that the services could be customized and offered at a more affordable rate. Scott still does applications to fulfill the needs of our many loyal customers.

You can contact Scott in our corporate office in Florida by calling (727) 644-9012 or sending an email to scott@sfgimaging.com.


Shelly Emrick, Operations

Shelly has been in the radiology world for over 20 years and has worked with many companies like Southern Cats, Philips Medical, ADAC Radiology Solutions, and KPI Companies in Southern California, where she is still is located to assist our clients on Pacific time.

Shelly has gained a great deal of experience and built friendly relationships with numerous customers, both existing and new. Shelly is the kind of person that you can make one call to and the assignment will be taken care of, or the issue will be resolved promptly. SFG is proud to have her as a part of the team.

You can contact Shelly at our operations office in California by calling (909) 376-5166 or sending an email to shelly@sfgimaging.com.